Lionel Lopez

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  • Success On The Spectrum

  • Endeavor Behavioral Institute

  • Ethan Gao- Financial planner

I graduated with a degree in Economics (BA) from Cornell University in 2003 and a law degree (JD*) from Columbia University in 2006. I have been a practicing attorney* for over 10 years both at large law firms as well as in-house at financial institutions. Personally, I have always thought about and strategized about my income and my net worth. I actually started as a client of one of the members of our firm. With my recent entrepreneurial ventures, I met with the team and decided to join the Diamond Client Group. I knew I could bring a ton of unique experience and skills to this amazing team (particularly given my own personal experience as a client and real estate investor). I strive to provide both value-added advice as well as seamless execution on strategies for my clients.

  • Brian Tave- Allegiance Bank