Lionel Lopez

Our Mission

Changing Lives & Building Homes for AwetastiKH®




“Kyra Homes is a Miracle Building Resource to help AwetastiKH people live independently.

Every year tremendous progress is being made in Medical Science Research in search of a cure for Autism, and thankfully there are many programs that provide Behavioral Science Therapy.

Our quest is both Psychological & Spiritual.  We call it Faith Science Acknowledgement. First is to bring confidence and healing to a family with an AwetastiKH child by creating a positive movement. Words have so much power and we want to Empower the word:


On the spectrum with Awesome, Fantastic, Family, & Friends. He is AwetastiKH, she is AwetastiKH.

Second is Faith:  We will Rise together with a team of Believers.  We serve a Supernatural God where nothing is impossible for Him.  All we have to do is Believe and take a step of faith.

Miracles happen all the time and we are going to build one!

We are not a charity organization! Money is only a tool and the hammer we swing is Real Estate; whether we’re buying, selling, remodeling or building new construction -  All to help AwetastiKH people & families with any type of challenge to live independently!

United, our family, friends, partners, sponsors, and volunteers are the founders of Kyra Homes and we welcome you to join us in spreading the word!

“Autism is what I have, but it’s not who I am. We are here, we are strong, we are AwetastiKH”.

Thank you and God Bless

Lionel & Vicki Lopez